Saturday, April 08, 2006

The Real World

One of the purposes for creating this BLOG was to share the experience that Brandi and I are going through and hopefully help others realize that it is not weird to go through struggles. I think we shutdown and isolate ourselves during struggles because we fear what other people will think about us, our struggle and how we are handling it. Many times, we see it as a weakness to even admit we have struggles.

In case you haven't noticed, struggles are real, they happen, and if you haven't had one yet, here's a heads up: It's On The Way!

When we are mentoring a premarital couple, we have made it a point to convince them of this: there's no use working to get around or avoid struggles, it's better to learn how to work through them. Why take that approach? Because almost 60% of marriages fail in America today, most at the 2 year mark. Yes, the 7 year itch has advanced to 2 years.

It's REAL! So, we feel it's better it's better to prepare engaged couples for the struggles that are definately coming. The last thing we want to do is tell them, "Everything is going to be fine, you love each other, go in peace to love and serve the Lord!" Then, when REAL LIFE happens, they are lost.

So, we have made the decision to share this and many struggles that we go through. This will help people know that they are not alone and others have traveled this road. Hopefully, they will have to tools to learn how to work through them before it happens, because, when you are in the middle of a struggle, your basket is full and it's hard to stack on top of all that time and effort to learn. It's way better to get the learning and understanding before the struggle, when disappointment, fear, anger, aggrevation, regret, bitterness & hopelessness is not present. The learning atmosphere is much better.


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