Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Happy Mother's Day

I was just thinking about the moms in my life over the weekend and realized exactly how blessed I am. I though it was appropriate to honor the wonderful women in my life and wish them a belated Happy Mother's Day.

I look back on my upbringing as I hear some stories of other people's experience and I realize the importance of my mom in my life. I had the awesome experience of being raised by wonderful parents, which included a stay at home mom. While dad was busting his rump as a self employed entrepreneur, mom held it down at the house. She chased after 3 boys, kept us fed, cleaned the house, did the laundry and whatever else was necessary to maintain the household. And from what I remember, did it all with a smile on her face with a great attitude. Ever faithful, she was an integral part in my walk of faith. Both her and dad were active in church. She was in the choir and thankfully, she comes from a family of musicians. I haven't tapped that potential to the fullest, but I like sitting with my guitar and strum with my limited abilities.

As far as my mother in law, well, I'm the envy of all my coworkers each time I talk about this way or that way that she has been a blessing to us. Brandi's mom is simply a giver. Her love language is gift giving and mine happens to be gift receiving. She's the kind of mother in law that you have to argue with to pay a diner bill if you go eat with her. She's the kind that you have to be very careful about saying that you like or want something. Cuz in a few days, if you go visit her, she'll hand you a bag on your way out filled with a couple things you said you like or wanted. The best part of my mother in law was that she was an integral part of building the character and value system of my wonderful wife.

As for Brandi, I feel like a king whenever I read Proverbs 31. We've been together since October of 1989, and we've simply grown up together. I love everything about her and how God has created her. Over 17 years, I've come to better understand God's definition of love. I'm encouraged that we've grown through ALL the things we have gone through. I know alot of times we get discouraged because of issues we go through in a marriage; issues that EVERY MARRIAGE goes through. But, I look back at all our valleys and lows and I am VERY encouraged. I know now that it is IN the valleys and the lows that we define who we are, what we believe and what we are made of, but most importantly, Who we trust, rely on and believe in while we walk through these issues. I hear, through case studies of marital problems or testimonies of marital problems on internet forums, that many women go through things and for whatever reason, don't make it through these problems. I know there are hurting people out there and sometimes, during a tough season, many people lose their marriage or turn from God as a result of the pressure and disappointment.

The #1 reason my love for Brandi continues to grow even today is NOT because we haven't been through anything, but, because we HAVE been through alot and she hangs on to God, she hangs on to me and she never stops fighting. She's a fighter. Brandi comes from a broken home and statistically, she was supposedly "at risk" for all the dangers that children from broken homes face. But, because of the faith and values that her mother provided and she received, she's an honors graduate from high school, she's an LSU graduate with a 4.0 in her major, she's a Certified Public Accountant who landed a job out of college with one of the five largest Accounting Firms in the world. All that was just a springboard or a way to train herself up for her current job of serving on staff of Healing Place Church in the finance department, serving the Kingdom of God.

Her professional resume is impressive. But, its not what I've fallen in love with for the last 17+ years. I've fallen in love with her heart, her love for God, her unfailing trust in Jesus and the spirit that God has blessed her with. All that other stuff is just icing on the cake.

Happy Mother's Day to the mothers in my life. Happy Mother's Day to all mothers. Your value is more precious than rubies!

P.S. I was looking at Jada last night and all of a sudden I thought about Jada's biological mother. Wow, what a sacrifice! I'm blown away that Brandi and I are the recipients of the joy and blessing of what may have been the hardest decision she could have made. Does she think about Jada? Does she miss or mourn for Jada? I still can't be angry at her. I know they may not celebrate Mother's Day in China, but I sure do wish her a Happy Mother's Day. I pray that she comes to know a peace that her daughter is treasured here in our home and I pray that she has a peace about her decision.


At 8:04 AM, Blogger the Matts said...

What an awesome post... I never knew Brandi was such a genius! Y'all are so sweet and I am so glad you ALL found each other. Your mother-in-law sounds a lot like my mom, who does the same things for Chris and I.

Can't wait for your first Father's Day!!


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