Thursday, April 13, 2006

Lost... we are officially hooked!

So, we're visiting some good friend of ours from high school who just had their 3 little one and we're sitting in the living room, watching the tourney (Final Four). They have Season 1 of Lost on DVD and asked us if we've ever seen it. Well, with Brandi working hard at her new job, me working shift work, going to school, and Wednesday night service, we never caught it.

So, we take it home, no big deal. That was a Friday night. Saturday about 2-3pm, we're sittin around doing nothing and decide to pop the first DVD in........... WOW!

We went to bed around 1am!! Then, Sunday we put in another 4-5 hours catchin' up! This show is one of the best TV series I've seen in a while.

We then were directed to iTunes where we can download each episode for $1.99 or the season for $35. We just watched "The 23rd Psalm " Episode 10 in season 2.

Now, I hate it that we're investing so much time into this TV show, especially after posting about how Americans are now watching 8 hours per day TV. But, it's a good show.

So, what can I say? Brandi needs a break from NUMBERS and I need a break from Rural Sociology, Sociology of the Family, Islam in South Asia from 711AD and Early Christian Church History.


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