Monday, January 08, 2007

Lifetime Guarantee

Started the new year with a new book. Lifetime Guarantee by Bill Gillham. This book was recommended to me and it has really shaken me in a good way. I just want to share a quick paragraph from the intro:
"The problem is that you have yet to discover that the Christian life is not difficult to live - it's impossible to live! .... God never intended that you be able to live the Christian life at all. The harder you try to live your life for God, the more frustrated you'll become... That is precisely the position of weakness and deperation from which the Holy Spirit wants to teach you the reason Jesus came into you.... Jesus is the only one who ever has lived the Christian life, and He's the only one who can live it today - through you!"
Needless to say, with the new addition into the house, we have encountered new challenges and especially new tests. Which, of course, has revealed some opportunities for improvement. So much for celebrating a long season of waiting on God and relaxing after Jada arrived! No, He couldn't give us a break. He just commenced to STRETCHING us even more!
So, with the new season of parenthood comes new challenges and areas we need to work on and this book in its first 75 pages has helped me deal with it all a little better. Can't wait to finish the book.


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