Tuesday, December 26, 2006

There is an "I" in Faith

Ever go to a pastor, mentor, couselor or friend and ask for help during a hard time? Ever listen to what they say, but don't do it or don't follow through by doing it consistantly? Ever read a GREAT book on an issue you are struggling with and implemented the ideas, for a short time but not consistantly? Oh, I have. But, before I figured out I didn't follow the good advice long enough or thorough enough, I just gave up and thought I was supposed to struggle with this forover. But, it was my fault. I wasn't diligent in my part.

We have to make sure "I" am doing what "I" am supposed to do. That's what's important about the "I" in faith. Usually when we're struggling for a time, we figure out we have 'thought' about making changes, but actually didn't. We found ourselves just praying about it, but not doing anything about it, yet still wonder why things don't change, why it doesn't get better. There is a small part I have to do. Because, we will keep getting what we are getting if we keep doing what we're doing. So, if you want to get something different, do something different. God doesn't want us to do it all. But, when we do things in faith, God will bless that and begin to work in our lives.

And remember, all these failures in the struggles won't make God love us any less. Neither will all the things we do make Him love us more. He loved us before we were formed in the womb. But, He does have a great plan for our lives. He does want us to have an abundant life. But, we have a part to play in living an abundant life. If there is anyone who's advice we need to take, it's Jesus' advice. His Word is full of advice and guidance for us to do to live an abundant life.


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