Tuesday, November 21, 2006

Great Advice

I listen to the Dave Ramsey Radio Program. One show recently, someone called in with a situation and Dave stepped up and gave them free counseling and other stuff. He then started getting tons of emails and phone calls from listeners wanting to help this person out.

What he said next was very sobering. Basically, he said it was great that he was getting all these calls and emails to help out. But, he said he was very sure that there are hurting people in our back yards, in our community that need help too. Why wait until you hear a need on the radio from someone 100 or 3,000 miles away? He suggested all these people calling and emailing to call their Pastor and see if there are any needs in the community.

Great Advice. Does it take a story to encourage us to give? Do we have to wait for the opportunity to come to us? Why can't we go out and SEEK the opportunity?

Happy Thanksgiving!! Now, "GO" give thanks! Go GIVE!!


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