Thursday, October 26, 2006

Personal Finance - Consider This

I'm sure we all have asked God for an increase in our finances. It would seem that if we had a little bit more income we would have some relief in our situation. But consider the parable of the talents. At the end of the parable it suggests that we have to be good stewards of what He has given us at first, and then He will give us more.

So, that may mean we should try to be at peace and be content with what we have now. That should be the first goal. Jesus is in the changing heart business. I think He would like to change our hearts, not our income. I think He would rather us be good stewards of what we have before we ask for more.

After all, we should be moving toward relying on God first, not our finances. He should be our source, not our income. Would you rather have less income with more faith in God's provision and providence or wealthier with less reliance on God?

We might say, "But, if we make more, wouldn't we be able to give more to the Kingdom?" But, we've all been taught that if we are not givers with our little pile of money, what makes us think we'll be givers with a big pile of money?

Do you know that you can be a giver, but not be a cheerful giver? Remember, God doesn't want our sacrifices (tithe/offerings), he wants us to have merciful hearts and know Him more.


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