Sunday, July 30, 2006

Wisdom of Counsel

My primary ministry at HPC is the Marriage Ministry. I knew when we first went through leadership training that this is what God equipped me to do. I like helping couples, whether through premarital mentoring or marriage counseling.
I understand how hard it is to seek help. In fact, there are many times when me and Brandi are going through something that we need help in, I don't seek help. Usually, we cover that issue during a premarital session or working with a couple and it comes up and we deal with it. That's a cop out, I know, but it gets done.
I would really like to create a culture at HPC where seeking help doesn't feel like admitting defeat or admitting a weakness. Afterall, do any of us really think we're the only ones going through stuff? That's unrealistic expectations.
Then, I think about all the biblical heroes that needed help. Moses needed Aaron and Jethro to help him out. David had Jonathan. Paul had Timothy & Barnabas. Many more I can't think of.
Check out what the "Books of Wisdom" (Job, Psalms, Proverbs) in the Bible have to say about COUNSEL.
I know how passionate I am about helping others in the area of marriage and I know many of the others in marriage ministry are just as passionate. Whether we are in need of a simple tune up, or in the middle of a storm that all marriages face, there is great benefit in getting help. It's as simple as letting someone outside your situation with the calling and passion to help and the experience to understand where you are help you get through it.
But, we have to take that first step...


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