Saturday, July 29, 2006

Reaching Outside the Four Walls

One of my majors at LSU for my General Studies degree is Sociology. In one of the classes we learned about studies that show that up to 80% of our perceptions are incorrect. 80%!!! The only way to break false perceptions is to get the facts. Learn, learn, learn.
Here's one of the reasons I love HPC. HPC was involved this week with some people that have different METHODS than us, but the same MESSAGE. Check out Pastor Dino's latest POST on his blog.
In a place where it's so easy to keep an arms length from people who are different than us, its SO REFRESHING and ENCOURAGING to see our Pastor learning and experiencing ministry with others. I believe there is such POWER in unity.
I saw the billboards in downtown Baton Rouge several weeks ago and I just smiled. If you've seen Pastor Steib on TV and experienced HPC, the differences are obvious. I'm so glad we're willing to look past those insignificant differences and excecute the common goal.
Thanks Pastor!


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