Monday, June 26, 2006

Hurricane Preparedness Part II

Here's a shot just after the first half dropped.

Here's a shot of the second half in flight.

TIMBER!!! Great shot by Brandi! See the dust still flying?

Ugh - ugh! King of the mountain. A little Tim the Toolman Taylor moment here.

Colateral Damage: That's our driveway under the saw dust! Oh well. We'll take a hole in the concrete over a hole in the roof anyday.

So now we are ready for hurricane season or at least a little more at ease. We hated to lose that tree. I'm gonna look in our house building scrapbook and post when we cleared the lot so ya'll can see how beautiful that tree was. But, our bad, we should have looked into the details before building so close and disturbing the root system. Next time, we'll know.


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