Wednesday, June 14, 2006

Off for the Summer and Fall

I'm just realizing I took my Spring Finals about a month ago. It sure doesn't seem like I've been out of school for a month.

Brandi & I have decided that since we are going to China to get Jada in the beginning of September for 2 weeks and we want both of us to be at home as much as possible for our first child, I will sit out the Fall semester.

But I am taking 2 Independant Study Courses this summer. After that, I only need 24 hours to get my BA! My GI Bill runs out April 27, 2007, but we are debt free except the house, so we can cash flow it.

It's good to get a break from schoo and work. I'm enjoying it.

Speaking of debt free, Brandi and I have firmed up plans to go to Nashville, TN to get certified as Financial Counselors by Dave Ramsey. We'll be able to provide FREE financial counseling at HPC. She also gets to earn some continuing education credits to maintain her CPA.


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