Sunday, June 11, 2006

My service in the U.S. Navy

I read an article tonight on the web that reminded me of my former career. The summer between my Jr. and Sr. year in highschool the armed forces recruiters got a hold of me. Somehow, I did very well on some ASVAB scores and the Navy convinced me (by offering MUCH more money than the Marines) that I could operate a nuclear reactor! So, I signed up.

So, tired of school and reading books and stuff, I thought it would be cool to join the Navy. Well, guess what? The schooling was just beginning! The first 2 years of my Navy career was SCHOOL!! Not just any school, NAVY NUCLEAR POWER SCHOOL! Eight hours a day, then 35 hours per week MANDATORY STUDY hours. Oh, the information we studied was TOP SECRET, so we had to study in school, no take home books or notes.

Now, I've forgotten more stuff than most people know about nuclear reactors. For example I used to know how to calculate how much power increase would result from raising the Hafnium control rods 1 inch. I also used to be able to calculate how much power was contributed to a shutdown reactor due to the Xenon Flux. I was also able to derived the Neutron Flux absorption rate of a Pressurized Water Reactor operating steady state at 75% power.

Here's a pic of the submarine I served on. It was built in 1963 and we laid it to rest in 1995. We cut it up into pieces, shipped the Reactor Compartment to Idaho in some Nuclear Land fill and they gave me a neat little statue of a small submarine made out of the brass from the missile tubes. They also included a block of HY-80, which is what the 2 inch thick hull was made out of.

I just thought it was neat to remember all I have forgot about that 7 year part of my life. It was fun, but none of my kids will join the armed forces, I hope...

P.S. In the sub pic, those two pins at the bottom will probably be my next tats. Brandi and I have been wanting to get inked again. I got to get some manly ink to offset my Winnie the Pooh tat on my leg.


At 5:53 PM, Blogger Dan Ohlerking said...

i'd suggest staying clear of piglet then, too.


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