Wednesday, June 28, 2006

Must See Ministry! Healing Hands of HPC

I just wanted to encourage everyone to check out Dr. Cheri Leblanc's blog about HPC's Healing Hands Ministry.

Healing Hands Ministry is the Healthcare Ministry at HPC. HPC's Core Vision is to be a "Healing Place for a Hurting World." This ministry is probably the most practical way, outside of weekend services, that we fulfill that vision.

Dr. Cheri Leblanc, our family physician, is a medical doctor in the Baton Rouge area and has her own private practice on O'Neal Lane. Since we've known her and her husband Joseph, they have always had the heart to serve the local church. They both use their gifts and talents to serve their calling of helping those who are hurting.

Recently, they were able to acquire the mobile medical clinic (pictured above) which enables Healing Hands to go to the poorest areas of South Louisiana, including many FEMA trailer parks and provide FREE medical care to those in need.

Some of the orginzations that support the Mobile Medical Clinic are: Healing Place Church, Seacoast Church, Northwest Medical, PRC Compassion, and others. Dr. Cheri has created a post listing all the contributors HERE.

It's really amazing the response she has gotten and the diversity of assistance is very telling of how more and more churches are breaking down walls, putting aside egos and differences to take care of the real needs. It's amazing what you can do for the Kingdom of God when nobody cares who gets the credit. The only reason I feel its appropriate to name these organizations is to honor them for what they are doing and encourage others to do their part.

For more details on the origination and other partners who were able to make this mobile medical clinic possible, check out her blog.

If anyone has any medical training or a heart to serve and can give some portion of their time, talent or treasure to help this ministry, Dr. Cheri and her team would love to have you on their team.

Dan Ohlerking posted an inverview on his blog with Dr. Cheri. Great stuff!

Check it out.


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