Friday, July 28, 2006

Sports/Media/Perception/Judging Others

The example is the Tour De France winner. As I read newpapers and internet articles, all the headlines read, "Positive Test Results." Well, this is a lie! But, its catchy, it grabs your attention, it sells newspapers and magazines. The FACT is, the first test results were abnormal. His test showed high levels of testosterone. This is an indication, an abnormal result. There is a second sample they will process that will determine if he took illegal substances.

One thing the media indicated is true. Whether he clears his name or not, this story will FOREVER overshadow his win. I don't know if he's clean or not. I don't know if some American hating people spiked his sample. I don't know if he cheated. But, even he admitted, this tarnishes the victory, whether he is cleared or not.

As soon as this story came out, he was judged. He was perceived as a cheater because that's DRAMA. We like to believe the worst of a situation, too much Jerry Springer exposure. We love the dirt, the gossip, the other person falling on our face.

I remember on one of his Live recordings, Kirk Franklin asked the audience if they were glad that Jesus doesn't expose our sins or tell the world about who we USED to be. Even those of us who have been eternally forgiven, even those of us who have had our sins washed by the Blood, blotted out of The Book and remembered no more, even we are facinated by other people's faults, failures and shortcomings.

Did you know that Jesus doesn't remember the faults we confess? All He remembers is The Victory! We need to be more like Jesus!


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