Saturday, July 15, 2006

Early Birthday Gift

My birthday isn't until July 23, but I got an early B-day check this week and I wanted to treat myself. Something we could use that would be handy for our trip to China to go get Jada. I have an Sansa SanDisk MP3 player like this:

But I broke the display and I can't see what I'm listening to or swap between songs or podcasts. So, I figured I'd bump my MP3 capabilities up to this:

iPod Nano. It's alot smaller and holds twice as much as the Sanyo. I was browsing around on iTunes today and found audio books!! This is great for me. I love reading and I love listening to books even more. So, I think I've found a new hobby: Audiobooks! My first audiobook is Brother Lawrence's "Practicing the Presence of God". I've always heard good things about that book. I still listen to The Dave Ramsey Show, his radio program, but I want to start listening to books too.

The only critique I have about it is that the audio isn't as clear as the SanDisk. I liked the earbuds from the SanDisk. The iPod is the saucer shaped ear pieces that sort of jam into your ear, but isn't as crisp a sound. I guess I can use the Sansa earpiece with the iPod.


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