Monday, October 30, 2006

The Value of the Local Church

Back in 2000 when Brandi and I first started attending HPC, it was a culture shock. We come from a "different" kind of church and HPC was certainly, from our perspective, a different kind of church. We knew that we were supposed to be there, but we were uncomfortable with the new way of doing things. We are very careful not to criticize the church we came from. There is no value in that. We weren't running from anything, we were just invited and felt we were supposed to stay. We're pretty glad we did.

Our participation in our local church turned out to be an invaluable asset as we walked through the last 6 years of our lives. The resources we were exposed to really helped us stay on the right path. Our Pastor and staff stated from the pulpit that they do not have the best preachers, but we have been reached during their sermons. I guess the Truth has a way of finding us, when we're looking.

First of all, we have learned how to grow closer to Christ and take advantage of all the tools He has for us to be able to make it through this life. We have discovered that there is an abundant life available to all who seek it and are able to take advantage of it. We have been able to strengthen our marriage while serving in the Marriage Ministry. We know this was a very important step as we were about to fight through our fertility issues for the next 6 years.

Our friends from HPC have been there for us. Praying for us, encouraging us, guiding us and keeping our heads above water. If there wasn't life being poured out form the pulpit and from the leadership at HPC, our friends wouldn't have God's Spirit to work through them to help us. We believe the annointing flows from the Head. So, we are thankful that the Pastors and Leadership at HPC have a heart to minister to the needs they see.

I've said before, it is very scary to imagine the last 6 years without the spiritual foundation we've been able to build at our local church. That's where is all starts. I know some people have been hurt by churches or church leaders. I know that the only exposure to churches some people have is the reporting of scandals on the TV, internet or newspapers. But, there is value in being a part of the local church.

See, Brandi and I haven't arrived yet. We've still got a COUPLE of things to work on. But, thanks to the gathering of believers at a local church, we can take advantage of other people's talents, gifts, and callings to stand in the gap for us in our time of need. It's all about the Body of Christ. One part can't function without the other. The parts work together to carry out its function.

So, a strong shout out to the many people who have been part of our lives for the past 6 years. Thanks for being the Body!

The Lamberts


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