Tuesday, June 12, 2007

"Career Campus of Louisiana"

Check this out: www.careercompassla.org

This organization really encourages me. It was started by Kacy Edwards & Julie Scott, two Baton Rouge teachers who served in the public educational system and saw a need to help students transition from highschool to college. Anyone remember your highschool career counselor? Me neither, which is probably why the U.S. Navy got a hold to me first! Not only did they see a need, they had a passion for it and stepped out in faith, left the comfortable state employment situation to go meet a need in an area they had a heart for. Amazing courage in my opinion.

They are also TRULY making a difference by providing PRACTICAL SOLUTIONS to students who truly need it.. They aren't throwing money at it or using the situation as a platform to get elected to some office.......... Lord, I apologize for that right there and be with the starving pigmies in New Guinee....

Anyway! We can send them a blessing of $50,000 by visiting this site: www.campaignforyourcause.com.

We can vote EVERYDAY and help them win the prize. They are gaining ground because of our votes, so let's send them over the top! VOTE EVERYDAY!.


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