Friday, January 12, 2007


I have discovered a new motivation for how I live life. It doesn't replace any of my other motivations, its just an additional one to add to the list. More and more I am becoming more aware of my parenthood status and what it means to Jada. Not really my parenthood status, but the life I lead and the decisions I make. She's gonna have a front row seat for my life. How I walk with God, how I am as a husband to Brandi, how I am as an employee at my work, how I treat my family and friends, all of it. That's the main source of her learning as she grows up: My Life.

That's pretty intimidating. My actions from now on will have a direct effect on Jada's personality and character. Put into perspective, it should be my 3rd ranked motivation. My first motivation is to please God. Not to earn His love, He loves me just as I am, always has. But, to please God by fulfilling my calling and using what He's given my for His Kingdom's work. Next, I want to please Brandi. I want to be all God wants me to be because she relies on me as a husband alot. Finally, my newest motivation is about how my life will affect Jada's.

I guess since this is a new one, it's in the spotlight and I'm focusing on it. Actually, thinking of my responsibility for her has caused me to evaluate and improve my responsibilities to God and my wife. The Good news is that they will take care of each other. My obedience to God will cause me to be a better husband. By being a better husband, I will be giving Jada stability and self confidence she needs as she watches me and Brandi and learns what a Godly marriage is supposed to look like.

Maybe the greatest lesson she'll learn is actually when we mess up! She's learn its OK to mess up, as long as we handle those situations with the mercy and grace that God gave us as an example. Maybe she'll learn to love, if we love. Maybe she'll learn to be humble, if we are humbled. Maybe she'll learn to forgive, if we forgive. Hopefully, she'll learn to trust God and follow His ways, if we do.

I've just been reading alot of case studies about the effects of different things on children and I've been seeing some effects of everyday life on children with family, friends and co-workers. I'm just realizing how much my life will affect Jada's life.


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