Thursday, July 19, 2007

Busy, busy, busy.....

We're getting ready for Jada's 2 y/o birthday party this Saturday. Her first with us!!

With the house sold, we have to get ready to move out. August 10th is the closing date. Did ya'll know self storage is not cheap? We have some touch up paint to do. Small stuff, but alot of it.

We're not keeping much, so if you want first dibs on something in our house, speak up or come by! We're only keeping Jada's furniture, dining room table and some clothes. Everything else must go!!!! We're gonna do a garage sale late July/early August, but we will take any offers before then.

The specials we have is Brandi's Office Furniture. Its a little over 2 years old, Christopher Lowell Collection from Office Depot. we paid $1,300+ for it 2 years ago, we're thinkin' we'd ask $800.

Executive Desk and Lateral Filing Cabinet below.

The Credenza Hutch above goes on top the Computer Credenza below.


At 9:38 AM, Blogger the Matts said...

maybe the Lord will speak to you to donate some of it to our garage sale that chris and i are doing to riase money for italy! if not, i hope you get lots of money for all that great stuff!

At 12:50 PM, Blogger Gered Lambert said...

Maybe He already has! {{smile}}

At 7:20 PM, Blogger FaceforGrace said...

I'm still dying to know where you guys are going/what you're doing/what's going on. It's a shame that we live so close by and don't have time to get together ever! I guess we need to change that, huh?

Tell everyone hi and give hugs to Jada for us!

The Morans

At 8:00 AM, Blogger FeatherIron said...

Love that furniture!

We are getting rid of tones of stuff too.

How much are you selling the office furnature for?

You close on my birthday!

Jada is 2? She is so tall! Is she taller then other kids her age?

At 7:33 AM, Blogger AdoptedAsHisOwn said...

AAAAAAAAAAAA, we forgot to "no hula!!!" Sorry!! Tommy had his 20 year reunion yesterday!

I can't wait to see Jada's birthday pics!


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