Wednesday, July 04, 2007

OK, we are wimps! Everything is harder with a 2 year old...

Is it just us? Or is everything HARDER with a 2 year old? What about you folks with mulitiple kids? Are you just losing your mind inside, but just putting on a happy face for the rest of us? We just have one, who's great, happy, healthy and everything wonderful, but having to consider her schedule and taking care of her 24/7 has really made us realize how different it is with children.

We got back from Pigeon Forge, TN last Friday and already we need another vacation. We're planning on going to the fishing camp this weekend in Bayou Sorrell. It's just crazy sometimes. But, at the same time its fun.

We got LOTS going on, as usual, but this time its big news that I want to dedicate in a separate post. This post is for our Tennessee trip. I didn't get our camera pics developed back yet, just these of us white water rafting. Me and Brandi are up front. Her sister Chantelle and her husband Patrick in the middle. Chantelle's boys Andrew & Austin in the back and our cousin Chance with our Guide "Shep."



At 8:58 AM, Blogger FeatherIron said...

Well when Evangeline was 2 she was diagnoised with type 1 diabetes so yea, everything was WAY harder when she was 2. But she was an easy easy child otherwise. another story. OMG, he is a wild child. Always pushes the limit, hits, kicks, spits. Yet he is so loving and fun.

Seriouly I lay hands on him every night and pray for God to give him patients, gentleness and self control and not to it spit or kick anyony tomorrow. I also pray daily for me to not freak out and scream like a crazy woman (that's what I was raised with so it is a battle) and Dean prays that for me too.

So, yea, wait till you have two kids, you will look back and know it only gets harder-yet more rewardring and filling.

It's great and it is ALL worth it!!

At 10:50 AM, Blogger Gered Lambert said...

It certainly is worth it. Thanks Carole. Love your replies!


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