Sunday, July 22, 2007

Happy (Early) Birthday Jada!

We had a Hoola by the Poola party for Jada's 2y/o Birthday Party. What a day. Thanks to Granma & Grandpa White for lending the house and the pool! Aunt Sue, Brandi's sister Chantelle & hubby Patrick for ideas and help setting up. Heidi's (Highland & I-10) owners Amy Lassiegne & Kim Ammons for the theme idea and decorations.

Here's some random shots. We had a great turn out. We are NOT party throwers, so we hope Jada will read this years down the road and understand how PAINFUL this was to her parents. But, it turned out great, everybody had fun, the weather & Our Creator held off the rain and brought out the sun. Most of the burgers were fully cooked and Jada got lots more stuff to wreck the living room with and more great clothes.

More important than all that, it's just great to see friends & family. We hated that we were running around cooking, preparing stuff and couldn't sit and talk and catch up with everyone we've been missing.

We think Jada had a good time. We know that with everyone that came to see her, she was blessed. Especially since her future was in doubt before we got matched up with her.

Our hearts always goes out to her birth parents and will continue to as we celebrate her birthdays. I'm just believing that they have faith that she's in good hands and that she's taken care of and more importantly LOVED.

Happy Birthday Dear Jada! Happy Birthday to you! And many mooooooooooooooooooore.


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