Thursday, August 09, 2007

So, that's what real physical labor feels like....

We have a purchase agreement on the house and we were scheduled to close Friday Aug. 10th. So, Brandi and I have been packin boxes and making trips to the storage place, False River (our temporary home until we build) and the garbage dump.

Brandi works all day and packs at night up until midnight. I think I'd like that job better than humping boxes in 98F weather. I suggested getting a moving company, but we had to sift through everything and trash stuff, store stuff, or bring it to the camp with us. So, we did it ourselves.

Anyway, I burned 2 days of precious vacation at work Monday and Tuesday to get all the packing done. Then, we find out the buyers want to put off the closing one week later. We have some minor repairs from the punch list to complete and they've been wanting to extend for a while, so we agreed. Now we have 7 more days but only about 8 hours more work to get the house empty. I hate wasting those 2 days of vacation. But, I'm glad to slow down from that hectic pace.

Yes, I'm sore. I've used muscles that a Chemical Plant board man just don't use. Plus, I'm 35 yrs. old now. "The Ole Gray Mare......."

Jada's is doing great! She's such a helper! She'll bring us boxes and LOVES to roll the dolly around. She opens and closes the door for me when I'm loading the trailer so we don't cool the outdoors. She's a trip.

I think I packed our camera up in a box that's at the camp in False River. So, just text for the next week or more.


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