Friday, August 22, 2008

Sheetrock Floating & Finishing

Above: Tub.
Above: Inside garage. Laundry Room far left. Big double door opening is a closet. Door to right is from garage to foyer/stairs.
Above: Garage wall.
Above: Far right is stairs coming up from foyer. Next is pantry. Big hole is access to storage space. Little hole is laundry shoot to laundry room down stairs. Back wall to right is refrigerator location. Sink is under window. Range and Microwave will go along left side wall.
Above: Double doors from Mastor BR to deck.
Above: Living room. Far left is stairs from foyer. Door is closet and a computer nook left of window. TV will go to right of window.
Above: Living room. TV will go on wall between windows. Room to the right is Jada's room. No idea how furniture will look. Big hole in roof to right is A/C intake.

I'm surveying the daunting task of painting the exterior & interior of the house. Got me a power paint sprayer, supplies and priced the paint. As hard as the job looks, the difference between me doing it (less than $1,500 supplies) and the 3 bids of over $8,000 to paint inside and out, I'll have to plow ahead. I have enlisted consultation from a professional painter. So, I'm gathering info as much as possible.

We'll see. Tune in next time...


At 9:20 AM, Blogger Kassiah said...

Gered I read your blog everyday. Actually I check it everyday, did you do okay in the storm? we go to HPC too, that is how I found you LOL


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