Friday, May 02, 2008

Siding Done, Windows & Doors Installed

We're waiting for the tub to come in and the plumber can finish and the A/C guys can finish. We're about 95% done with the framing, so those guys will be done too. Next is the electrical wiring and rough in. We also will be digging a trench to get city water from Bluff Road back to our lot, that's about 800-850 feet of digging and piping. 

We'll also be ready for roof installation. I dabbled with the idea of installing the roof myself. Then climbed up those scaffolds you see below and noticed how I tensed up so much while scaling the roof. Then, REVELATION came to me! Let the pros do it, STUPID! Before you fall and break your neck.

I love this shot above. This is the back of our lot, which ends about 15 feet before the pond starts. The big double door at the top right of the house is our bedroom. We'll have a deck built overlooking the pond. It's gonna be nice to sit out there and drink coffee and watch the sun set. 

Above is the front of the house. That's the main bathroom on the top floor. That's the creative space engineering our architects did to fit our BIG bath tub in that small house. 

Here's a similar tub we found at Southern Kitchen & Bath. The bottom is flat, but its made for two. 

On the left is our row of electric poles coming to the property. This was done this week. The poles run along the property line. To the left is Bluff Road Elementary under construction. To the left is Brandi & my lot. The house is off screen to the right. The pond is directly to my right.

Again, the back of the house and our little storage shed Brandi's dad is constructing. Little room in the house for storage, so we'll take full advantage of that shed.

Here's the front. The cypress beams are going in soon. 5 of them across the front. We'll also have some cypress detailing on top of main door. Yes, we need a clean up day, I know!


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