Friday, March 21, 2008

Another reason to GIVE!

One of the cool things I've learned through Dave Ramsey is the true purpose of giving. We know God doesn't need our money to do His will. I like reading Genesis and His creation story. He didn't take up an offering. He just spoke, and He created. He's God.

God doesn't command us to give to earn His love or earn salvation. God loves His creation, you and me, with a perfect agape love. We can't earn salvation by following the giving laws, cause salvation is by grace through faith in Christ Jesus.

So, why does He has us give?

Part of our journey on earth after accepting Christ as our Savior is being transformed from our "old self" into the image of Christ. Jesus was the ultimate giver! So, by having us give, God knows we will be transformed into a giver, like Christ.

Found THIS ARTICLE that some scholars wrote to help prove why God's plan for us to be givers is a good idea. Many people tell you the most fun you can have with money is giving it away. Here's proof.

I remember a defining moment for me and being a giver. At Shell Chemical, we take part in the United Way. We were doing our annual sign up for our giving and just a couple of months before, a news story broke out about some executives of United Way abusing funds given by donors on personal use. I had made up my mind that The United Way had disqualified itself from deserving my hard earned money. Just as I was proudly about to mark a big ZERO in the giving box, my spirit was given a BIG CHECK!

I felt like I had to make a decision about why was I giving. I had to decide if I trusted God or not. After that I determined MY RESPONSIBILITY was to obey God and be a giver. I would be accountable for MY DECISIONS. The United Way executives would be responsible for THEIR DECISIONS.

If we look for it and with ALOT of help from the enemy, we will find reasons not to give, we will find reasons why our local church has disqualified itself from deserving our hard earned money. But, think about it, is it OURS to begin with? Could we make a living without gifts given by God? Could we be where we are without the doors God has opened?

I've had that mindset and it isn't fruitful; it isn't life giving. Let me spare you many troubles and encourage you to find reasons to GIVE! Not reasons NOT to give. Do it with a good heart and do it out of obedience, expecting NOTHING! That's when God brings the "something." And His "something" is according to HIS riches in glory!


At 4:23 PM, Blogger Marty Wallace said...

Wow! I have been scrolling down on your blog, like I'm in a trance :) I simply typed in the word "Birthing" in my Tweet search...and here I am. I believe there are no "coincidences".
I admire you and your sweet wife...God is truly using you for His glory!
Continued blessings~


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