Tuesday, January 08, 2008

2008 is here!!

2007 was a great year for Brandi, Jada and me. "Great" includes challenges, disappointments, coming up short on some things, but it also includes alot of wins.

Challenges include an evergreen process of being new parents and balancing the work God is calling us to do. The win in that situation is seeing us get through it and accomplishing some things and learning from the dissapointments and shortcomings. Jada is such a joy! When I'm not dealing with the stress of all that we go going on, I still find time to contemplate the massive effect we've had on her life and the effect she's had on our lives.

The daily struggles of marriage and family we're multiplied for our family in 2007. We've made some decisions to take some direction that we knew would mean more work and less time as a family. But, we are keeping the end in mind as we ride the wave of a busy schedule. We know there's a purpose and a destiny that is good, despite the hard work and long hours we are experiencing now.

The decision to take part in Full Time Elevate, work full time, on top of maintainin a healthy marriage and family ended up being a little more than we expected. We're shorthanded at work and I ended up working at least once a shift on my off days since November. Sure, extra money. But, you just can't put a price on quality family time and down time.

We're also about to start construction of our new home in Geismar. Just another list of things to do. Its a very interesting process. I'm looking forward to learning alot about it and try to enjoy it.

We're so blessed to be involved in a wonderful, life giving local church like Healing Place Church. Throughout all of last year, with all we had going on, the support from HPC has really grounded us and challenged us to keep The Main Thing, the main thing. Can't imagine how people do it without a life with Jesus. The grace, guiding, leading and conviction of the Holy Spirit to put others first and resist the minute by minute urge to be selfish.

I'm so proud of my family. Brandi is flourishing in where God has her. She's pouring so much into her calling and her passion. In a strange way, its worth it to spend a little less time with her, to see her doing her part for the Kingdom of Heaven. I'm proud of her and I don't think its the 'proud' described in the 7 deadly sins. I think its a good 'proud.'

Jada is developing and really seems to be happy. Despite what me and Brandi do or fail to do. Its so obvious God has BIG PLANS for that little girl. It's inimidating to be charged with preparing her for what God has for her. What an awesome responsibility. We need Jesus more than ever.

2008 holds some BIG changes for us as a family. But, we're truly at total peace about the direction we're being called to take. I can't wait to see it all unfold. I can't wait to be challenged more, stretched more, grow more.


At 5:22 PM, Blogger ncseaward said...

We wish you a wonderful 2008 that is full of God's blessings and His sustenance as you face challenges, especially the home you are building. Well...parenting too, because that is always a challenge! Nick wanted me to mention that he got a Griffis shirt for Christmas and he wanted to send you a picture of him in it, but maybe you have changed your email? Take care Lamberts!


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