Wednesday, November 21, 2007

God's Armor Bearer by Perry Nance

For Elevate, we're reading "God's Armor Bearers" by Perry Nance. I just read a section where the author had met with one of the servants of Billy Graham's Crusade Team. The crusade coordinator said he had been with Billy Graham the least amount of time of all the people on his team. 23 years!

This made me do a serious spirit check! With all the promises, hopes and dreams I have for work in the ministry, am I ready for the possibility that I will serve under Pastor Dino for DECADES? We all dream of leading something, directing something, "owning" something. Am I humble and mature enough to commit to serving God's Kingdom without being "the man?"

I look at the INCREDIBLE staff we serve at Healing Place Church. I know of at least 5-7 people on our staff that could start a new church or take over a church and do just fine. But, in the 6 years that I've served at HPC, I've never heard even a HINT of a desire of these A-List servants under Pastor Dino talk about branching out on their own.

What an excellent example of Armor Bearers these guys and gals on staff at HPC have been!


At 1:17 PM, Blogger FeatherIron said...

Have you read "A Tale of Three Kings"? It is even bette then Armour Bearer. It's a very small book but super powerful.

Let me know if you want to barrow it.

At 7:37 AM, Blogger Monique said...

Hey Gered! Long time no see (speak, email, whatever)! :) I wanted to talk to you about my new found life with Jesus. Being a former Catholic like you, I wanted to share my excitement. Email me so I can pick your brain!

OH - my divorce is final & I'm back to Frederic again. I'm ME again!!! :)

Hope all is well with you, Brandi & Jada!! Tell them hello for me!!



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