Monday, August 20, 2007

What a week!!

It was a CRAZY week last week! We FINALLY finished moving out of the house, but now we have a fishing camp full of cardboard boxes and suitcases.

We closed on the house Friday, ending almost 7 years of living in our first house without wheels. It was bittersweet. Our first home, Jada's room and the wonderful paint job with encouraging words in English & Chinese. But, there's ALOT of GREAT things that come out of selling that house.

I started my internship at Healing Place Church. Monday night, we met at Pastor Dino's house with all the other Elevate Students for a kickoff meeting. Then, Thursday and Friday we had orientation. Then, Friday and all day Saturday, we had the Elevate Retreat. 26 Full Time Students and 54 Evening Students. Pretty impressive for a local church's small Bible college. This is the first year Elevate has accredidation.

Jada is doing great. We did have a little accident. She came sit on my leg to ride the horsey. Well, the horsey bucked and Jada fell on her face and her tooth met her bottom lip and the lip gave way. So, she has her cute poutty lips with a fat bottom lip and a big hole in it. From what I've heard, its the first of many.


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