Wednesday, February 27, 2008

Obligatory Apologetic Post

Every blogger goes through this. A season of not posting. My exuse was not having the USB cable to transfer pics of the family from my camera to my laptop. That was partially true. The other reason was work, Elevate, and family activities.

We really have alot going on. We broke ground on the new construction of our new house back in Geismar. The trip between New Roads and Baton Rouge/Geismar is wearing on both Brandi and me. So, we're ready to get the house done and reduce the round trip time and expense.

Elevate is going good. The only reason it isn't great is because of my normal work schedule plus the overtime I've been working because we're short on people. But, that will only be a problem for 33 more days. It's been a GREAT experience that I don't regret one bit.

Both Brandi and I have decided to go to Hyderabad, India for Elevate's Mission Trip with "Go Global." Her first Mission's Trip was to India 3-4 years ago and we're excited to go together on this one. It's May 15th through 24th. HPC is joining a host of other churches on the trip to open a new church and facilitate a revival. Here's a snippet from HPC's HP Global website:

India: Joyce Meyer Ministries
Dates: May 15-24
Open to:Full-time Elevate
Our interns will be partnering up with Joyce Meyer Ministries and other churches where they will lead a crusade, build and dedicate a church, and provide medical care at the medical clinics.

Jada is getting so big! We're potty training and its going very good so far. No dirty diapers in over 2 weeks. But, the puddles throughout the house are not just Lucy's, our 6 year old Jack Russell Terrrier. She's doing ALOT OF BABBLING with some coherent words mixed throughout.

I'll work on posting some updated pics of Jada soon.


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