Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Construction Update

We had alot of progress since last post. We finished forming the foundation, digging footings, spraying for pest control, laying plastic, laying cable for post tension slab, installing floating forms Thursday. 

We were able to find a concrete company that could deliver for us Saturday morning. They gave us the old last minute, Saturday morning, "I know you want this concrete real bad before the rain" price....

So, we poured the concrete Saturday morning and only had a 45 second sprinkle right after the last truck pulled out. The finishers did a great job. We even had a little extra concrete for the in laws to pour a boat shed slab for their Express Bass Boat.

Even after that special price they gave us, they still showed up 1 hour 15 minutes late. I'm not bitter.....

Truck pulls up right on time. (in "everything is an hour and fifteen minutes late" world)

First concrete hits the slab.

After filling in the higher elevated living area, they started filling the floating forms, then the footings.

Filling up the rest of the foundation.

Wet Concrete

Dried Concrete

Mike Thibeau, old high school buddy, was ready with his crew to start framing Tuesday morning. They showed up and really made a lot more progress than I expected. We partially wrecked the forms and the framers usually do that. So, that saved them some time. They were able to frame most of the bottom floor. We're expecting to be done in 2-3 weeks with little weather problems.

First wall goes up!

Two Walls!

Three Walls!

FourWalls! Aah-ah-ah-ah!!!


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