Friday, April 04, 2008

First Floor Nearly Completed

Mike Thibeau and his crew are rollin'!! I could not have imagined this much would be completed in just 4 days. He's been very interactive and making sure we're on the same page with aspects of construction that are unclear. He's very flexible and has make several time saving and money saving suggestions and recommended good quality construction suggestions.

Below is the framing completed and outer sheeting or sheathing. I've hear it said both ways....

I just thought I was done swinging a mall and driving stakes when we formed the foundation. But, now we have driveways to frame. We're starting to see it come together more with the 3 doors for the 3 car garage.

Got the windows and doors cut out. Also started on the "trusses"? Some engineered supports for 2nd floor support.

Covering the front of the first floor. None of the pics show it, but they also installed the stairs leading to the second floor. They're all the way to the right in the picture below.


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