Thursday, October 16, 2008

Painting and Hanging Doors and Trim

Just a day or two before the storm hit, I got my sheetrock floated and textured. Then I sprayed the whole interior house with primer. After 30 minutes of spraying, I noticed a constant smell and funny taste. Went outside to get a drink and found the white film in my hair and all in my nose. So, put together this outfit to keep me clean.

ABOVE: Master BR painting ceiling

Painting ceiling in bathroom. BTW: Anyone know how to get Latex based paint off of a garden tub? OOPS...

This shot is from the stairs leading up to Living Area upstairs. That's the Living Room then the hall to the bedrooms (right and left) and bathrooms (straight ahead).

This is the Living Room shot from the Kitchen.

Setting up trim and doors for painting.

Doors after painting in garage. Now gotta repaint garage due to a little overspray. Should have painted garage and doors and trim same color!

Most paint done. This is Master BR going out to deck. The pond is just off the deck to the right.

This shot taken from Jada's room. She's standing in the Kitchen/Living room.

This is Jada's room again. That's her closet.

Standing in kitchen looking into Jada's room.

Master BR and that door goes into our bathroom.

This is from between bedroom doors pointing to stairway. Pantry door on left, closet door to right and computer hutch or whatever to far right.


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