Tuesday, December 16, 2008


For all our out of state friends, let me say this was a monumental event for South Louisiana. December 11, 2008 we got about 2-3 inches of snow from about midnight to 10am in the morning. I had heard it was the most snow in Louisiana in 35 years or more. A couple days later and it was mid 70's again.

Jada, Brandi in front of Brandi's parents house. Unbelievable!
We went with a ski lodge motif with the new house. Didn't figure we'd get to see it covered with snow!

Jada's first snowman! Can't believe we didn't go make a bigger one. Didn't even cross our minds.

Winter Wonderland.
Maybe we should've tied a rope to her in case she got lost in the blizzard.

This is Jada at 6:10. Maw maw came knockin on the bedroom door at 6am to inform us it was snowing. So, we can understand she's not too excited about the snow 1 hour before her normal wake up time. But, she cheered up later after her morning coffee.


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