Monday, January 22, 2007


One of my goals in ministering to premarital couples is ministering to needs. Every now and then, we see the need to encourage individuals to rededicate their lives to Christ. Lately, it has really become one of our focal points of encouragement. There is no better foundation to start a marriage on than the foundation of Christ. It starts individually in the hearts of each person. Beginning or strengthening our relationship with Christ could very well be the best prescription for any problem we are facing. Not only for engaged couples, but for couples in crisis also. What better advice to give to engaged couples or couples in crisis than to renew a relationship with Christ? Renewing our relationship with Christ will equip and encourage us to handle situations and crisis witht the right spirit. Starting there opens doors for us. Starting there will create a trickle down effect.

My vision for The Marriage Ministry at Healing Place Church would be to encourage individuals to establish a foundation relationship with Christ. That foundation will strengthen us individually to be a better husband or wife and as a product, a good father or mother. There is no better way to teach and encourage your children in the ways of God than to be the spouse God called us to be. Children are watching us, they are learning and they are mirroring and mimmicking us. The number one factor to determine what a child thinks about marriage is what they see growing up.

I believe it is futile to try to raise and teach a child without establishing our own personal walk with Christ. I believe it is also futile to try to establish a Godly marriage without getting equipped by the Holy Spirit by establishing our own personal walk with Christ.

It all starts with us, as individuals and Christ. This is where we should start when ministering to people. Because in reality, it isn't us as individuals who are counseling. It is really the Holy Spirit ministering THROUGH US. We are not the source for the people God places before us. We should be directing them to The Source. Sure, initially they will see the Holy Spirit working through us and I believe its our responsibility to show them how to plug into The Source. They may plug into us temporarily, but sooner rather than later, they need to know how to get plugged in directly to the Spirit of God.


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