Thursday, April 26, 2007

Day Three: Dave Ramsey Training

11 more hours today. We hung in there pretty good. We learned about:
* Myths about debt
* Dumping debt
* Dealing with collectors
* Communicating with debt collectors
* Fair Debt Collection Practices Act
* Foreclosures/Forbearances
* Bankruptcy

Then we toured more of the complex, The Broadcasting Department specifically. We got to tour the studio where Dave does The Dave Ramsey radio show. He was in Mississippi for a live event and he broadcasted the show from there. We got some cool pics from the studio, but I don't have my camera's ISBL cord to upload the pics. Let's just say a couple of us "filled in" for Dave while he was gone.

We ready to get home. It's going great, but we're getting Jada sick and home sick.


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