Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Here we go!!

We got to Financial Peace Plaza in Brentwood, TN today, home of Dave Ramsey's Certified Financial Counselor Training. We go through orientation and introductions and we get to take a break and step out of the meeting room and right across the hall is Dave Ramsey himself, doing the radio show!

After a couple of more hours of training Dave comes in and we get to hear his heart and do a Q & A session with him. This guy is FULL THROTTLE. It was such a blessing to see a man operating in his gift and in his calling. Talk about first class EVERYTHING. This is gonna be even better than we imagined. We just don't give him money and sit in a class for a week. We are part of the Dave Ramsey Family! He ensured us after we complete this training, EVERY resource right there in Brentwood, TN will be available for us. We will not be thrown into Louisiana to fend for ourselves.

He told us the average age on his team is 26-28 y/o. He said you don't get to go work on a project until you cry when you talk about it, that's how passionate he is and how passionate you need to be in order to be on his team. He said this isn't a job, this is his crusade! The passion is contageous!

Tomorrow is gonna be a 11 hour day, so this will be very short.

P.S. They fed us dinner and a movie. The movie was called "Maxed Out." WATCH THIS DOCUMENTARY! It's a documentary about the banks and credit card companies and how outrageous their marketing has become. It'll make you sick, but it'll open your eyes about how little we, as Americans, know about how money really works.

We're going to bed. We can't wait to get home and get people to work toward FINANCIAL PEACE!


At 8:24 PM, Blogger debtfreesteve said...

Oh wow, this is good stuff. I can't wait to read how your classes go. I'm planning on attending as well. I know you'll be tired, but post all that you can!


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