Monday, April 16, 2007

Virginia Tech & Grace

Pastor Dino just posted a blog about the tragic shootings at Virginia Tech and he asked what were some of our thoughts on the event. So, I responded. Here's a part of my response:

"Then, after thinking about the victims and grieving for the families and friends, I think about the shooter. If he were to survive, would a church prison ministry minister to him? Or do we think dozens and dozens of murders are unforgivable?"

I just want to go deeper into that thought. We absolutely want to minister to the victims of the tragedy, and we absolutely want justice to be served to the shooter. But, do we hold back grace? Even if the justice of the laws of the land is carried out, are we responsible for ministering to the shooter's spiritual condition? Here's some other questions:

Does the victim of adultery forgive the mistress and the adulterer?
Do the parents of a abused child forgive the abuser?
Does the victim of a hate crime forgive the racist?
Do the parents forgive the drunk driver who kills their child?
Do the members of the little Baptist church in Alabama forgive the people who burnt down their church building?
Do the employees of Enron, who are left with NOTHING in the twighlight of their lives, forgive the management team responsible for the Enron scandal?

Where does God's Grace stop? Do we prematurely withdraw the Grace of God? Do we even give the sinner a chance to hear the Good News and accept Salvation through Jesus Christ?

Do sinners see the Hand of God filled with love, mercy and grace? Or do sinners see The Body with clinched fists shaking with condemnation? Do we use the excuse of our anger and hurt to with hold forgiveness. Or even if we are not the offended party, do we use our outrage of the sin, keep us from ministering to the sinner.

I have no answer. But, I just think its something we should think about.


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