Sunday, April 08, 2007

UFC 69 in Houston, TX

We had a very well deserved weekend of R&R this weekend. Upon Brandi's request, we put off Valentines Day and her Birthday for one big weekend in Houston, TX. The UFC or Ultimate Fighting Championships. Its a brand of Mixed Martial Arts or MMA. It's the most exciting form of combat sports today.

Here's the Toyota Center, right outside our hotel room.

Here's a shot of the Octagon from our seats. There was no bad seat in the place. Those new arenas are fantastic!

This is Diego Sanchez vs Josh Koschek. Supposedly the most exciting matchup of the night. There was alot of trash talking between these two leading up to the fight. There was even some shoving at the weigh ins. But, the weigh ins proved to be the most exciting action between these two. The played patty cake for 15 minutes and Kos got the decision. Like I said, he didn't win, he just sucked the least out of the two.

This is GSP or Georges St. Pierre, the Welterweight Champion, coming into tonights fight. This pic is him after getting KO'd. He was majorly upset by Matt Serra. Serra is a Jiu Jitsu specialist that KO'd GSP. Major upset, but a great fight.

8 of the 9 fights were outstanding. The place was jumping & the energy was high. We didn't get ANY pics with any UFC fighters. That was the only disappointing thing about the trip. We "could" have gotten some pics at the "after parties", but the after parties seemed a little too racy for us.

We loved it, and would recommend going to anyone who hasn't been to a live event. Great weekend.


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