Wednesday, April 04, 2007

Jada Pics! Jada Pics!

Just wanted to give ya'll some visual updates on our girl. Growing like a weed.

Good morning. It's 2pm, but I worked last night. So, me and Jada just woke up from a good 2.5 hour morning nap! It seems she knows when I need a little extra shut eye and stays in the crib longer for daddy.

A rare opportunity to see Jada upset. For you guys! :) Nah, she was just trying to get her toy basket out of the cabinet and it got stuck and Jada got bent.

She is babbling ALOT more lately and we're waiting for her to start putting the babbles together and create English words.

I just wetted her hair a bit for the photo shoot. She loves imitating me by waving her hands through her hair after I dry it a bit. Of course, when the camera comes out, she's gonna run up and stick her nose in the lens. She's a trip.

She's also learned the "Big Cheese" when the camera comes out.

I'm also gonna post some new movies on YouTube.

Only other news is that Brandi got braces put on. Don't look for any pics, I didn't even ask. 15 months I think she has to wear them. Not much soreness or pain yet, except for the metal brackets in the back, rubbing her cheek. I'll try to sneak in a pick or two. I'll use Jada as a decoy.

3 more days until UFC 69 in Houston! We're stoked. Whole lot of pics from that event to come.


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