Thursday, March 29, 2007

Marriage: Learning to Love Day by Day

Here's a comment from a marriage forum I follow. The thread is talking about "Falling in & out of Love."

"Prior to the last two centuries, there was no such thing as dating for marriage. All marriages (including the first one) were arranged. Yet, many people still had loving marriages. How?

They FORCED themselves to learn to love each other. They taught themselves and each other love, and it grew over their lifetime together.

Even in a modern marriage, the "feeling of love" is more like infatuation or euphoria than real love. It can't last long enough to get a couple through the struggles of a lifetime of marriage. That kind of love takes MUCH longer to build."

Nothing breaks my heart more than to hear a couple in crisis say they don't love each other anymore. First of all, to speak that is very dangerous. Second, we have to learn that "love" is not the butterflies in the stomach feeling when everything is going great. Love is a commandment.

When we think that we are falling out of love, we need to be reminded of what Love is according to God's Word.

There have been so many different seasons in my 14 year marriage. With each season, sometimes there is a need to learn how to love again. The addition of Jada, for example, has changed our way of life in a big way. We can't do things as we've done before Jada. So, we have to learn to love in a new way in a new season. We're still building our love.


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