Wednesday, February 28, 2007

David St. Romain on Nashville Star Finale

Nashville Star Season Finale
Thursday 9PM
USA Network

To follow up my first post about DSR on Nashville Star....
The voting is over, but tune in to support our hometown Nashville Star finalist.
Baton Rouge native David St. Romain is one of 3 Finalist.

DSR has been living his dream of entertaining crowds for many years. This opportunity of national coverage was a major breakthrough for his career and he is DEFINITELY making the most of the opportunity.

These are the 3 finalists. DSR, Zac Hacker & Angela Hacker. Zac & Angela are brother and sister and they are CRAZY talented. They are great people too and have become good friends with DSR. It'll be hard to cheer against them, but we want our hometown boy to win this one.
No matter what happens, this contest has provided a jump start to everyone's career. Congrats to all the contestants. I'm not a fan of country music, but watching the stories of these guys and gals, it became bearable during the show.
We're excited and looking forward to Thursday night.
Pics taken from the Nashville Star website.


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