Monday, February 05, 2007

Psalm 51 - Restoration & Ministering

Psalm 51:9-13
9 Hide Your face from my sins, And blot out all my iniquities. 10 Create in me a clean heart, O God, And renew a steadfast spirit within me. 11 Do not cast me away from Your presence, And do not take Your Holy Spirit from me. 12 Restore to me the joy of Your salvation, And uphold me by Your generous Spirit. 13 Then I will teach transgressors Your ways, And sinners shall be converted to You.

I love the progression here. First, there is recognition & confession of sin with a humble heart. Then, a restoration and return to right standing with God. Then, the forgiven teaches others The Way and sinners are converted.

This is very encouraging to me, a transgressor who often misses the mark. When we are condemned by our sins, we are encouraged by the devil to run away from God, just as Adam and Eve did after The Fall. But, the Holy Spirit encourages us to return to God, then teach others with love and humility so that THEY TOO may experience God's Grace!

It's so easy to hide in our sins and leave the Battle Field, feeling as though we are inadequate and ill equipped to continue to fight. But, this scripture is an example that God can work through us and our imperfect ways to bring the lost to Christ.

I'm sure the devil HATES verses 12 & 13. Its funny how what Christ has done before we were sinners is forgotten by us and temporarily keeps us from getting back on the horse and continuing the work that God has called, equipped and annointed each of us to do.

Get up! Go and serve!


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