Monday, February 19, 2007

UFC 69 - We got tickets - Houston here we come!!

UFC is heading to Houston, Texas and we have our tickets!
UFC 69: Shootout! is on April 7, 2007
at the Toyota Center!
Now, here's the deal. I was working on the day they made the event public and went on the website and saw the article on So, I called up Brandi and said, "Guess what's coming to Houston?" She says, "What?" I said, "UFC!" She said, "Cool, let's go. Forget about Valentine's Day, forget about my birthday, let's go see the UFC in Houston!"
Her birthday is April 9th. I had a nice day at the spa for us for Valentine's Day, but nothing planned for her birthday. She gave it all up to spend several hours with me watching half naked men roll around trying to beat each other unconscious.
What a woman!


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