Friday, March 23, 2007

Updated: Tax Day & W-4's ** Updated with MSNBC Article

Tax Day: April 15th is just around the corner. Some have already or will be getting some Tax Refund checks in pretty soon. An AP article on MSNBC says the average return this year is $2,548. Look below at the chart and you'll see that its about $200 per month. I've recently adopted the opinion that having a large tax return every year is not smart.

We got some good advice a couple of years ago that really helped us get DEBT FREE except the mortgage. We were getting decent refunds back every year. Then, we were advised to set a goal to break even with taxes and use that extra money each month to help pay off debts.

Here's some numbers that will help you realize what you are missing out on or at least putting off until tax time.

$1,000 Tax Return will bring you $ 83 per month
$2,000 Tax Return will bring you $166 per month
$3,000 Tax Return will bring you $240 per month
$4,000 Tax Return will bring you $333 per month
$5,000 Tax Return will bring you $416 per month
$6,000 Tax Return will bring you $500 per month (several guys I work with have 3+ kids brag about these types of returns.)

As long as you keep the same income and other stuff the same, it is pretty easy to figure out how much you need to pay in each year. Now, me & Brandi keep an eye on how much we pay into Federal Income Tax (NOT Social Security or Medicare)and adjust our W-4's as necessary to hit that target.

There have been studies that show tha a majority of people use their tax returns on vacations or big item purchases. If you have the goal of getting DEBT FREE, maybe adjusting your W-4 will bring in some extra money each month to help you get it done faster.

Me and Brandi have confirmed reservations and flights booked to go to Brentwood, TN to attend Dave Ramsey's Certified Financial Counselor Training at the end of April. We signed up for the Not-For-Profit Training so we'll be able to offer FREE Financial Counseling through Healing Place Church.

Did you know most studies revealed that <5-7% of Christians tithe consistantly? I know many people are in the same position we were. We really wanted to tithe and give above in offerings, but we just had too many bills to do it. We really got freed up and are now able to give as we are called to give. We're ready to be able to help others get freed up to give too.

Here's some suggestions for your tax returns via Personal Finance Section: HERE


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