Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Jada pics. She's getting SO BIG!!

Song Bird!

Eve of Chinese New Years. At a Japanese restaurant with a bunch of round eyes. Best we could do at last minute.

We found this cool group from Li, former coworker and good friend of Brandi's from her days at Blue Cross/Blue Shield. They are a Chinese community that meet at Episcopal High School on Sundays and celebrate their Chinese Culture. We went to their Chinese New Year's Celebration.

Jada "The Dragon" Lambert. That will be her UFC name.

Yes, cheezy, she is the only one dressed in traditional Chinese dress. Holding her Chinese paper art.

Can't remember, but I think I told her "no" about something and she walked off mumbling, "I can't wait to get my own place." or something like that.

Confession: You know you watch too much "COPS" when she wants to get out and run in front the truck yelling, "HOOTIE-HOO. Here come the Poe-Poe! HOOTIE-HOO!!"

At a birthday party with friends from Healing Place Church daycare.

Me & Jada at the HPC playground.

Jada experiences her first comforter straight out da dryer!

Jada at Home Depot with me. She has her 2nd balloon. Can you find the first one?

We went to False River to Aunt Linda's fishing camp where we lived for several months after selling the house. She wanted to go fishing using her "Princess Fishing Pole." Of course she didn't catch nuttin'!

I take her to school one morning and turn around to buckle her up and she says, "Look daddy! A flower for mommy and a STICK for you!" .....thanks sweetie.....

Treat her to Sonic after school one day and "Oh Mickey your so fine, your so find you blow my mind, HEY MICKEY!!" blares on the speakers. Like a 35 yr old she jumps off the bench and cuts a rug for the whole song! Like its an oldie but a goodie she hasn't heard since high school. Hilarious!!


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That was hilarious abou the O'Mickey you so fine..... now it is STUCK in my head!!!!!!


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