Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Progress. Slow but steady!

Mr. Glen, father in law, has been doing a great job for being by himself. Things are looking excellent. We're really excited about wrapping this thing up. Check it out:

Pantry shelves

Acadian Florring istalled flooring couple weeks ago and finished off the stairs last week. Came out great.

Jada's closet. We were scared of the brass. But, it turned out GREAT.

Tight quarters = poor pics, our closet.

Kitchen cabinets. We used pine lumber and we stained it with "Early American" stain and coated it with polyurethane.

Father in Law built these from scratch by hand. We kept it simple and it turned out really good.

Father in Law built these bath cabinets too, we painted them and got the counters from Home Depot. This is Brandi's vanity area.

This is me and Jada's vanity area..... nuff said....

Some final trim work to finish with kitchen cabinets then we can pour concrete countertops in kitchen.

Then, we just found out we need refrig & dishwasher before plumber can come finish out.

We also need to pour a small pad for the outside A/C compressor/condenser and the HVAC guys can come wrap up.

Gettin' close.


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