Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Josiah Myles Lambert is here!

We were due this coming Wednesday November 25, 2009. Brandi was having decent contractions and later her water broke at 3:30am Sunday morning, but it was subtle so we were not sure. We called Dr. Lisa Gautreau, our OBGYN at 9am and left a message to get confirmation. We got a call back at 2pm, explained what was going on and Dr. Gautreau confirmed that our water did break at 3:30am, 8+ hours earlier.

Dr. Gautreau let us walk at home for a couple hours, but informed us she wanted us in the hospital come 4pm. Above is Brandi at the pond at Healing Place Church. We walked the pond 4-5 times until 4pm and made way to the hospital.

Above, we are checking in. We had been to Lamaze classes and were hoping to give birth using Lamaze techniques. Our nursing staff was Lamaze trained, Dr. Gautreau was VERY supportive of Lamaze methods so we were excited to get things moving.

Because so much time had passed since the water broke, we were entering into some risk areas of infections. We were 15 hours after water breaking and no strong contractions or dilation. So, we got started on Pitocin. Despite the gallant effort of my AMAZING wife, we got the epidural a couple hours later. We approached 24 hours after water breaking with little progress. There was an even greater risk at 24 hours, therefore we had to do a C-Section Delivery.

So here is baby boy Josiah Myles Lambert. Born 11/23/09, 6lb 8oz, 20.5in. Doctors had struggle to get him out. But, all ended well.

No alerts or alarms for Josiah's evaluation. Strong young man.

Mom and baby united. Or is it reunited?

After poking, prodding and handling, Josiah settled in for his first nap.

Jada came by and was pretty excited. Had a room full and she was lil distracted. She REALLY wanted a sister and had plans to "share" a boy with Nanny Chantelle (Brandi's Sister). But, she decided we'd keep JoJo around with us.

Jada's gonna be a GREAT big sister! She's gonna help out, she's gonna take good care of JoJo.... in Jesus' Name...

Above is Dr. Bobby Webster, our fertility specialist. Amazing man! He is a true gift to families in this battle. Really gave us practical, detailed, Godly advice and really helped us move through IUIs and IVF. We highly recommend him. He truly cared for our physical, emotional and spiritual well being. We were blessed to have him.

Above is Dr. Ashli West, our Pediatrician. Ashli was a great friend of mine from high school. I've blogged about her here before.

We haven't slept much. We are both tired. It's still pretty surreal. I'm looking forward to getting home and settling down and looking back at this 9+ year journey and see all the God has brought us through.

The journey with Jada helps us recognize how special she is and the responsibility we have to bring her up in a way that she is able to experience ALL that God has for her.

The situation is the same with Josiah. With all we've been through and really all God has brought us through, we just have a definite understanding that these two precious children CANNOT be normal children. Normal is not an option, average is failure. To take these precious gifts and not raise them, prepare them, instruct and discipline them according to their Kingdom Destiny is poor stewardship on our part. They will know Jesus and make Jesus known within their context and callings.

So, we look back at the faithfulness of The Lord and know He has been with us and will be with us. More to come.


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