Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Monthly Update

It was a very productive holiday season. I was off of Healing Place School of Ministry from Dec 2osomething to January 6th. That gave me full time working on the house and I took full advantage of it. We were able to finish up touch up paint needed to get tile and floors in. I was able to prep more material for father in law to install more cabinets.

Put first upper unit of kitchen cabinets in and found a problem..... um..... no, not a problem, an opportunity for improvement. In the photo above you see the cabinets comes awefully close to the A/C intake filter housing. Very close. Matter of fact: 2 inch by 4 inch overlap. So, we had to Saws-All a new hole. A saws-all is a hand held jigsaw used for demolition or mistake correction.

Another unit up.

Another unit up again.

Final corner piece. Which, of course, fit like a glove because all trades framed, sheetrocked and floated the house perfectly square...... NOT!!! It was expected. But, it sure is fun listening to all the crafts blame all the others for all the out of squareness. The only one I didn't hear complain was the sheetrock installer (me...). He's a classy guy.

This is Blake Urban. Man of God. Soon to be first time father. Former Healing Place School of Ministry classmate. Future Missionary to Africa. Electrician extrordinaire. Had to practically shove money in his pocket for wiring the house and finishing everything up. He also introduced me to Under Armor undergarments, which led me to throw every piece of cotton undergarment I had in the trash. Too much information? Yea, probably so..... my bad......

While Blake "The Urban Legend" installed switches, recepticals and light fixtures, I installed door knobs and switch and receptacle cover plates. Its amazing how excited having door knobs made me feel.

This ceiling fan made him especially happy. I think he spent 45 minutes on this one. Pretty though, huh?

Tile installed in downstairs foyer.

Master bath cabinets and tile in me and Brandi's vanity area.

Tile and cabinets in the laundry room down stairs.

Tile installed in bathroom. Guys knocked it out the park! Is that fine or what? Mind you, this is a 2 bed, 1 bath, 1300 sq ft home. Overkill? I think not! We love our bath time.

3 foot 6 inch by 5 foot 6 inch shower! We love shower time too!

Tile work inside shower. This is one of the 2 shower heads! Yes, that's right. 2 opposing shower heads. Big time bath in a apartment house! Mother in law suite is gonna be nice when the big house is added on to this.

Nuther look at the tub work.

Living room floors. Is it real pine or faux? I'll never teeeeeeeelllllll........

Kitchen floors. Looks like it'll go well with the pine cabinets.

Master Bed floors.

Jada's room floors.

Dug up some paperwork. This is Jada's Chinese Passport photo. Thug lookin' huh? See you next month!

Love ya'll! Happy New Year