Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Jada at The Jambalaya Water Park

Hair getting long. We have decided to get her hair cut for the first time. We'll see how that goes.

Jada absolutely LOVES the water park. She spent the first 15 minutes just running from station to station screaming, "Aaaahhhh!" Wish I had my other camera with video. It'd have been great footage.

EVERY kid loves to sit on these water spouts! What's the deal with that?

They have these buckets that fill up and dump every so often. Jada hasn't figured it out yet. A bucket dumps and she runs under it after the fact. I couldn't get her to stand still under one that was about to dump. She's SOOO funny.

Probably something to do with being an only child. But, Jada of course thinks ALL toys are hers. She stole about 5 toys in 1 hour. Oh well. No brother or sister planned in the near future. Guess she'll have to learn to share the hard way: time outs and whuppins. :)

Friday, June 20, 2008

This is dedicated to Kelly Wright, Jr.

Here's a little house update for my friend Kelly Wright, Jr. One of the finest Chemical Plant operators in this hemisphere. Check your local chemical industry periodicals, he'll be making news soon. He's got a rocket up his...... ahem. Sorry, something got caught in my throat.

Any way....

At present, we are installing insulation. Couple days task, I thought. We've completed day 5 today and probable 3-4 more to go. 

More insulation. You see to the right our breaker panel. Got the hook-up from Blake Urban and his brother Brandon. They did the wiring for me. Grade "A" Electricians. Their work passed the rigid Ascension Parish Building inspection...

Water meter is approximately 590 feet from the house. Therefore, me and this beast got intimate for about 10 hours. Then, I strung together with great skill and lots of PVC Glue, 27 sticks of 20 foot PVC piping from the meter to the house. The Ditch Witch dug at about 10 feet every 5 minutes.

Better view of my skeeellz.

A/C installed? CHECK!

Hot Water Heater installed? Check!

After the insulation installation, we'll start hanging sheet rock.