Wednesday, June 03, 2009


So we were ready to begin our second adoption. Looking into the country of Nepal. Then, Brandi mentions she feels we should try to conceive again. So we set up a meeting with the wonderful Dr. Webster. We went forward cautiously. He said everything looked good for IVF.

Everything went along great and we went in as scheduled to take the pregnancy test. It wouldn't be ready right away and they said they'd call us later that day. I was driving westbound on Hwy 74 going over the I-10 overpass and Brandi called me bawling! All I heard was, "......pregnant......." WHAT? Are we? Are we not? Huh? I was scared crazy. What did she say? Then she pulled herself together a bit and said, "We are pregnant!"

Wow. 19+ years together, 15+ years of marriage & 8+ years of trying and:

Wow. God is incredible. Can't wait to see why He waited until now. Can't wait to see how He proves Himself faithful and He reveals to us why THIS is the perfect time for Baby Lambert.

We are not finding out gender until birthday. One thing we've always agreed on since we were dating. The baby is developing on schedule and every checkup brings good news that all is OK.

Even though we talked about waiting to let everybody know, there was no way to keep it a secret. We had to let all those faithful friends who were praying with us know the good news and the joy and excitement was too much to keep quiet in the halls of Healing Place Church offices.

Morning sickness began about week 7-8 and continued until week 12. Below is the last sonogram we got at our last visit. That was the first visit with Dr. Lisa Gautreau, M.D. Dr. Lisa married David Gautreau, friend of mine since Kindergarten at St. Theresa Elementary School.

Jada is very excited about the baby in mommies belly. She wants a baby sister cause a brother will beat her up. Thanks Bully in mommy's day out program. HAHA! She's gonna be a great big sister.

So we are week 14 this week. We are at <1% chance of miscarriage according to Dr. Lisa. We are excited.

Thanks to all of you who walked with us. We couldn't have imagined doing this alone! Your support, encouragement and prayers have truly helped.